Friday, January 21, 2011

Check Yourself

Some people can 'fly' but they had forgotten how to 'fly'.

So they forgot.

Some people completely do not know they can 'fly'.

So they never did

Some people had 'flown' before, but forgot how to.

So they never remembered.

Some people know they can fly, but never try because they

are surrounded by F-E-A-R.

So they quit.

Some people want to see others 'fly' first before they 'fly'.

So they waited.

Some people wait for a mentor to teach them how to fly.

So they waited.

Some people 'flew' before and fell down, so they claimed

that 'flying' is dangerous and useless. So they whined and quitted.

some people are 'flying' everyday, looking from below the

sky, overseeing everyone who is not 'flying' just because they

took a step to fly……

I had taken my 'flying' lessons and fell many times.

But now, I have discovered my wings again.

Have you started 'flying' yet?

Written using motivational qoutes By patrick Chan