Friday, September 24, 2010


Life is just like a poem .
It has a begining
as well as an ending.

Life is not as it seems to be.
One may think that its really
a gift of god
And faces each and every moment 
of it by calling it awesome;
while the other feels that
its full of miseries and
endless sufferrings.

Infact life is full of ups and downs.
The grass always looks greener from one side
but one day it fades into nothingness.
We humans who always
have the habit of grumbling
are never satisfied
with what they do and
what they have.

We make our own life a misery
as we lack noble features
and due to all unhealthy and
over darkened ways.

If we were not single-minded
of keeping our lives moving
and leads the life without
expecting anything from anyone,
our dissappointment will fade away
and the beauty of life will be a joy