Saturday, December 5, 2009

Easy Vs. Difficult

Easy is to get a place in
Someone's address,
Difficult is to get a place in
Ones own heart.

Easy is to judge the mistakes
Of others,
Difficult is to recognise
Own mistakes.

Easy is to talk without
Thinking anything,
Difficult is to refrain tonngue
Of our own.

Easy is to hurt someone
Who loves us,
Difficult is to heal the
Wound of theirs.

Easy is to forgive others
For forgiveness.

Easy is to set the rules
Difficult is to follow

Easy is to dream
Every night,
Difficult is to fight
For dreams.

Easy is to enjoy life
Difficult is to give its real value.

Easy is to pray every night,
Difficult is to find god in small things..


lakshmi said...

aptly written
nice one Nikhil

chocolate lover said...

nicely penned :))
loved it ..gr8 job :)

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

nik, you have an award here

Nikhil said...

thank you lekshmi for the comment

chocolate lover thanks..

thanks bro will do it asap :)

Anonymous said...

may almighty bestow his mercy on u

nice poem ,is it a clone(coppy) frm any other

Anonymous said...

may almighty bestow his mercy on u

are u of kasturba public school

Positive thinker said...

Aptly written

MCkenzie said...

Good one